About Us

The Clubewinge.club is created to unit all students – Undergraduate and Postgraduate students both within the country and abroad. The site provides online available scholarships for local and international students for educational funding and opportunity to further advance their studies.

It is in our own interest to aid students from developing countries by making this scholarships easily accessible to them through running of worldwide publicity in order to create awareness of new and ongoing  scholarships. Students from around the globe will be gotten in touch through email publicity – for who subscribed with us.

Apart from providing scholarships information, our website also goes further to provide visa tips for students who are travelling abroad for first degree program or postgraduate program. These information is to make visa acquirement easy for these students and for them to have an forehand information about the processes involved in the obtainment of student’s Visa.

We welcome all scholars who comes to our website and we believe that the necessary information on any scholarship provided on our platform will be to your full satisfaction. We work all round the clock to provide you with rich contents and quality services for all students especially those who are indeed looking for educational aid.